Why It's Important to Pay Attention to the Check Engine Light

As technology advances, so too does the technology within our cars. While ages ago your vehicle might just stop working all of a sudden and you have no idea why, now there are ways that our car can warn us that something isn't quite right. Like the vehicle is giving us a heads up, there are many ways we are provided clues up possible upcoming maintenance. Whether a light illuminates on our dashboard letting us know our tire pressure is low, or that our oil should be checked, cars are becoming more and more intelligent as technology advances. Something that isn't quite as new, but still as intelligent, is our check engine light. When this illuminates on our dashboard, it's time to have a team of experts give your engine a glance. Forewarning One of the nice things about the check engine light is how it acts as a forewarning for drivers, indicating that something might be coming up on the horizon. Whether there is something going on with the transmission, something happening with ... read more

Some Ways to Know if You Need Transmission Repair

Working vehicles are made up of a complex system of working pieces. Much like a puzzle, each piece needs to work perfectly with all the other pieces to ensure the puzzle is whole. If one of these pieces is broken or lost, the entire thing. One of the most important pieces of the this puzzle is our car's transmission. When the transmission isn't working quite right, the rest of the vehicle suffers. To ensure no other damage is caused from a struggling transmission, be sure to bring your car to a professional auto repair shop who can help inspect the transmission is still working is the best way possible. Not sure what signs to look out for when it comes to an unhealthy transmission? Let us help! Something Funny in the Air? We're all familiar with the distinct smell of a new car or the strong pine scent that comes from those little trees hanging from a rear-view mirror -- but what happens when we start to smell less pleasant smells? What happens when we start to smell a hint of b ... read more

4 Must Know Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair

4 Must Know Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair

While keeping up with routine maintenance will generally keep major engine problems at bay, they can creep up on you out of nowhere, especially if your car has many miles on it. In most cases major mechanical failures will not occur without some sort of forewarning. The engine has numerous ways of communicating potential problems, and as long as you head to the auto repair shop as soon as you notice them you can usually keep repair costs to a minimum. The following are four of the most common signs of major engine trouble. Knocking Noise If you experience a knocking noise coming from under the hood it generally indicates that the engine bearings have worn out. The bearings are what all the moving parts of the engine rest on and they can become worn and torn due to general high mileage or if the vehicle is operated with low levels of engine oil. Head to the repair shop to talk with a technician about your options for fixing this particular issue. Excessive Exhaust Smoke ... read more

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