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Check Engine Light Help in Louisville

Most drivers out there would agree that safety, reliability and dependability are major parts of owning and operating a vehicle. After all, you are behind the wheel of a massive piece of machinery and the last thing you want is for that car, truck or SUV to be unreliable. One of the best ways to help ensure the vehicle you are steering is able to always stand up to a challenge is by staying on top of regular auto maintenance, auto service, and auto repair work that might need to be done. Though you can often see, hear, or smell the signs of car trouble some issues are not always as obvious. Sometimes it is as simple as the check engine light coming on. Though you may not welcome the sight of the check engine light, it's absolutely essential you bring your vehicle in to have the check engine light assessed as quickly as possible to avoid any further complications. Engine Service It's no secret that cars, trucks and SUVs are some of the most complex pieces of machinery around ... read more

Louisville Auto Maintenance

It would prove difficult to find a driver who doesn't wish for their vehicle to stand the test of time and always be ready to go the extra mile. However, as you place more and more miles on a vehicle you also increase the amount of wear and tear on the vital working parts and systems. While it would be nice if cars, trucks and SUVs never needed any kind of auto repair or auto maintenance, the truth is that it is up to the owner to ensure all the parts and systems are kept in excellent care. The more often you stay on top of regular auto maintenance and auto repair the better chance you have of your vehicle always being up for any challenge. Whether you are noticing some potential signs of engine trouble or it's simply been a while since you had your last oil change, the best thing you can do for your vehicle is bring it to a trusted auto maintenance center where highly skilled experts can tackle any issues head on. Oil Changes & Tune Ups As far as auto maintenance goes, the ... read more

Wheel Alignment Help in Louisville

When looking at a vehicle it's pretty plain to see that a good set of tires are necessary if you want to get anywhere. However, one of the key steps to ensuring your tires are functional and able to get you where you need to go is ensuring the wheel alignment is always spot on. Though it may seem like a minor issue if the tires are slightly off alignment, the truth is that wheel alignment is absolutely essential to not only having a smooth driving experience, but to getting the best mpgs and the most out of your set of tires. If you suspect your wheel alignment might be off don't wait another moment before getting in touch with a team of auto experts like the team here at Centennial Auto. We are available to make sure your tires are in the best state to take you on mile after mile of adventures. Why Are My Tires Shaking? If you are hoping to catch any potential problems with your wheel alignment it's always helpful to recognize the warning signs. For example, one of the way ... read more

Auto Oil Changes in Louisville

It would be difficult to find a driver who doesn't hope their vehicle will stay in optimal condition for many years and many miles. After all, a vehicle is often so much more than simply the sum of its parts, as a car, truck, or SUV is often part of our everyday lives. Whether we depend upon the vehicle to get us to work everyday or we need it to transport us on our next road trip, a vehicle is able to make our world a bigger and better place. But the truth is that the more miles we place on a vehicle the more wear and tear it experiences and maintenance and repairs are an essential part of keeping the vehicle in top shape. When looking for ways to truly keep your vehicle in excellent condition there is no better place to start than with regular oil changes. This is one the best -- and easiest -- ways to ensure your engine is always up for any challenge. Why Are Oil Changes Important? For some drivers, the regular oil change can feel a bit like a nuisance. After all, a lot ... read more

The Best Engine Repair in Louisville

It doesn't take an auto expert to know how important a healthy engine is to a vehicle's ability to run smoothly. Everyone who has ever driven a car, truck, or SUV knows that the engine is like the heart of a vehicle... ensuring everything else is able to keep up. But for some of us drivers, this is where the engine-knowledge stops. If the engine doesn't seem to be working quite right, few of us are specially trained to properly inspect the engine and perform any necessary engine repairs. This is why it's so helpful to know of an auto repair center that specializes in engine repair upon which you can rely and trust. That way whenever you need engine repair, regardless of what might be going on with your engine, you can remain confident that the maintenance and repairs will be handled with competence and care. If you are in need of engine repair in Louisville, get in touch with us here at Centennial Auto right away. What is Wrong with My Engine? One of the best ways to ensure you ... read more

Why Tune Ups Are Important

For a lof of vehicle owners, major repairs are something they know may need to happen. Whether you get involved in a collision and require major bumper repair or your transmission needs to be rebuilt, the drivers know the more miles you put on the care the more likely it is you'll need something large repaired. However, when it comes to maintaining a healthy and reliable vehicle you sometimes need to pay attention to the little things as much as the big. One of the best ways to ensure no potential issues slip through the cracks is by bringing your vehicle into a trusted auto repair center on a regular basis for tune ups. Tune ups are the time when a team of experts can inspect the smaller parts that might need attention, and give them the TLC they deserve. Filters, Fluids, and More Regular tune ups are a lot like visiting the dentist on a regular basis. You do it to make sure everything is polished and healthy and no small parts are out of place. When you bring your vehicle in ... read more

Don't Delay Transmission Repair

A vehicle's transmission is definitely one of its more complex parts. Unless you're an expert auto mechanic chances are you don't fully understand all that goes into a healthy and functional transmission. But even less-knowledgeable car owners know one thing for sure: a transmission is a vital part of a properly working vehicle. The transmission is what ensures your car, truck, or SUV is able to adequately shift from one gear to the next. When you want to accelerate it is the transmission which allows you to successful get from one speed to the next. However, when the transmission stops working correctly you better believe the rest of the vehicle will suffer. If you suspect there is something off with your transmission do not delay seeking help from a team of expert auto techs. With the proper care you can make sure your transmission doesn't suffer more complications than necessary. Transmission Problems One of the best ways to stay on top of your vehicle's transmission health ... read more

Why Brake Repair is So Important

As car owners, it can sometimes feel like the maintenance and service of a vehicle are never-ending. Just when you've had one thing serviced another issue pops up! While it's understandable this may leave some car owners a little maintenance-fatigued, there is one part of the car that cannot be neglected for the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and everyone around: the brakes. Brake repair is never something to be ignored and if you suspect you may be overdue for it, it's time you bring your car to a highly trained auto repair center like Centennial Automotive Repair. Brakes Help with Safety All you have to do is hop in your car on a rainy night and head out on the slick roadways to remember just how essential a good set of brakes is to safety. When you have a well-maintained set of brakes you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is capable of managing stop lights, sharp turns, and sudden stops. When you are out driving on the roadways it is virtually impossible to predict ... read more

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