Some Ways to Know if You Need Transmission Repair

Working vehicles are made up of a complex system of working pieces. Much like a puzzle, each piece needs to work perfectly with all the other pieces to ensure the puzzle is whole. If one of these pieces is broken or lost, the entire thing. One of the most important pieces of the this puzzle is our car's transmission. When the transmission isn't working quite right, the rest of the vehicle suffers. To ensure no other damage is caused from a struggling transmission, be sure to bring your car to a professional auto repair shop who can help inspect the transmission is still working is the best way possible. Not sure what signs to look out for when it comes to an unhealthy transmission? Let us help!

Something Funny in the Air?

We're all familiar with the distinct smell of a new car or the strong pine scent that comes from those little trees hanging from a rear-view mirror -- but what happens when we start to smell less pleasant smells? What happens when we start to smell a hint of burning or smoke coming from the vehicle? Before anything, take steps to ensure you and anyone else in your vehicle is safe and in a secure location. Then be sure to get in touch with a trusted auto repair shop who can help inspect and assess why there is a burning smell. One of the possible reasons could be a transmission that is overheating. While the transmission fluid is meant to lubricate all the working parts and help draw heat away, it can still overheat and begin to burn.

Something Leaking Underneath?

The last thing we want to see when pulling out of a parking space, is fresh liquid pooled where our car used to be. It often is the sign that our vehicle is leaking and is often a sign that we will need to seek a proper vehicle inspection and possibly some kind of repair. When this happens, how do you know if your vehicle is leaking water, oil, or possibly even transmission fluid? While oil has a fairly familiar appearance, the shiny dark slick we can find in parking lots, transmission fluid also often has a distinct appearance. Transmission fluid is often a red color, helping you identify what has dripped beneath your vehicle. However, the only way to truly know if your transmission fluid is leaking is by bringing your car into a reliable auto repair shop who can help determine what is going on.
Ensuring that all the complex puzzle pieces of your vehicle are fitting together perfectly and working as they should is important. It is especially important when one of those pieces is the ever-important transmission. If you suspect you might be in need of transmission repair be sure to get in touch with a nearby auto repair shop who can help inspect your transmission and let you know what is going on. When you are looking for transmission repair in Louisville get in touch with us here at Centennial Auto at (720) 513-3013 right away! Our team of experienced and trusted auto technicians are available to answer any question you might have about transmissions, or general auto maintenance.

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