These 6 Signs Mean Brake Trouble

As you go about navigating your daily routine, it's easy to forget just how crucial a role that brakes play in maintaining the safety of you and your passengers. There's no way to predict when a texting driver might fly through a red light or a some large debris might come loose from a truck. In such critical moments, it's of great consequence that your brakes function optimally. Here's a look at six signs of a brake problem.

ABS Light Turns On

These letters are short for anti-lock braking system. In the event that they illuminate, it means that a problem with your brakes has been detected and you should soon get to the shop to have the issue checked out.

Squealing Noise

If your brakes are making a high-pitched squealing sound, it could mean that the little piece of metal that is attached to your brake pad has started rubbing up against the rotor.


You could be noticing this symptom because your brake pads have essentially disintegrated. This could also mean that your discs are now vulnerable to damage.


If your car starts veering to one direction when you apply pressure to the brakes, then there's reason to be concerned that a caliper has frozen up as a result of corrosion. This problem means that you could pose a threat to others on the road because you're no longer in full control of your vehicle.


The vibrating could be occurring because of warped rotors.

Brake Fluid Leak

For brakes to function optimally, a proper amount of fluid is greatly important.
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